Congregation 2018

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

About 50 graduates came back to the HKUST main campus for the 26th Congregation on 16 November 2018. A graduation photo taking session has been arranged after the ceremony, at 7/F communal area of the HKUST Lee Shau Kee Business Building.  This is where they got to know each other in the ice-breaking event back in September 2017.

The Department Head, Prof. Leung Siu Fai, MSc (Econ) Academic Director, Prof. David Cook and various faculty members teaching MSc courses, including Prof. Yao Li, Prof. Visaria Sujata, Prof. Songnian Chen, Prof. Danyang Xie, Prof. Xinyu Hua, and Prof. Wooyoung Lim, were there to share the joy of graduates in achieving another goal in their life journeys.

May we wish the Class of 2018 every success in the future!