Layperson Talk Series: When & How to Promote Our Products

The first SBM Layperson Talk will be held on this Saturday. Students are most welcome to register the event.

Are the 4Ps of marketing outdated? Want to learn more about when and how to promote your products with the help of latest technologies and data science?

Join our distinguished professors on February 20 (Saturday) to get the insights from their rigorous research to be presented in an easy-to-understand way during lunchtime (1:00 – 2:00 pm)! Prof Jia LIU from Marketing will present “Moment Marketing: A New Tool for Effective Cross-Channel Advertising” while Chair Prof Kai-Lung HUI from ISOM will talk about “When Discount Hurts Sales”.

The Layperson Talk Series is an event from the HKUST Business School to share our interdisciplinary related research work with practical significance in layperson language to HKUST community.  If you are interested, please register HERE.